Hands of the Week: Katz Turns Straight Flush, Petrangelo Nearly Finds Fold


Nick Petrangelo

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Petrangelo Nearly Finds Fold

This hand was actually captured by our friends over at Poker Central, who were live reporting Event #9: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em of the 2021 US Poker Open.

As the final table neared, the board read a-Hearts4-Hearts7-Hearts6-Heartsq-Clubs when Nick Petrangelo bet 380,000 and left himself 250,000 behind. Cary Katz, the only other player in the hand and holding the bigger stack, raised all in and action was back on Petrangelo, who his the tank.

He burned through four time extensions before calling off with the a-Clubsk-Hearts for the second-nuts. Unfortunately for him, it was no good as Katz rolled over the 5-Hearts8-Hearts for a straight flush!

Petrangelo, who was clearly considering a fold, wound up busting in 12th place for $19,800.

Song Hits Runner-Runner Boat

Stephen Song
Stephen Song

On Day 1b of the MSPT Venetian $1,600 Main Event, it was Level 9 (500/1,000/1,000) when the player in the lojack opened to 2,600 and was called by Stephen Song on the button. The flop came q-Clubs7-Clubsa-Spades and Song called a 3,500 from his opponent.

The k-Hearts came on the turn and Song called another bet from his opponent — this time for 8,400.

The k-Clubs completed the board and Song’s opponent slowed down and checked, prompting an all in from Song for 20,500. Song’s opponent went deep into the tank but eventually put in calling chips.

Song revealed k-Spadesq-Spades for a runner-runner full house and his opponent showed a-Diamonds7-Diamonds for a flopped (but then counterfeited) two pair and mucked.

Aces No Good For Affleck

Matt Affleck
Matt Affleck

In the same tournament a little while later on Day 1b, it was Level 12 (1,000/2,000/2,000) when Matt Affleck opened to 4,500 from the lojack and action folded to the player in the small blind, who three-bet to 12,000. It was then folded back to Affleck, who smooth called.

Affleck’s opponent continued for 13,500 on the j-Spades9-Spades10-Diamonds flop and Affleck called.

The small blind then shoved for a bit less than 100k when the 5-Clubs came in on the turn. Affleck called instantly for less to put himself at risk.

Affleck: a-Spadesa-Diamonds
Small blind: j-Clubs10-Hearts

The small blind had flopped two-pair and had Affleck drawing slim. The j-Hearts river sealed Affleck’s fate and he was sent to the rail.

Sneideman’s Kings Can’t Outstand Three Way All-in

Michael Sneideman
Michael Sneideman

On Day 2 of the RunGood Poker Series all Stars Jamul Casino $575 Main Event, it was Level 17 (4,000/8,000/8,000) when When PokerNews made it to table three players were all-in including Sneideman with k-Heartsk-Diamonds. He was in a great spot to triple up, though that’s not how things would go down.

Michael Sneideman: k-Heartsk-Diamonds
Opponent: a-Clubs9-Hearts
Opponent 2: a-Heartsq-Hearts

Board: a-Diamonds9-Clubs7-Clubs7-Hearts5-Diamonds

With the ace in the window, Sneideman knew he needed help but it, unfortunately, did not come. Sneideman finished in 63rd place for $1,000.

Miholich Shows the Bluff

Kyle “Jackinthebox” Miholich

On Day 1c of the RGPS Jamul Main Event, it was Level 9 (600/1,200/1,200) when Kyle Miholich was the first to the pot preflop with a raise to 3,000. Action folded around to the big blind and a call was announced.

Flop: a-Hearts7-Clubs4-Hearts

After being checked to, Miholich continued to show aggression with a bet of 2,100 and was called rather quickly.

Turn: j-Hearts

Maybe it was the jack on the turn that inspired Miholich to continue as he pushed forward a bet of 3,900. The big-blind player quickly folded, and Miholich, who is famous for often playing in the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event while wearing a suit and extra-large Jack In The Box mask/helmet from the fast-food establishment, turned his cards over and tossed them forward.

Miholich: k-Spades8-Hearts

Miholich had just the flush draw and made eye contact with his opponent and sorta shrugged with a “What else could I do?” look on his face.

*Lead image courtesy of PokerGO.

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