How to play American roulette, tricks, tips and mobile gaming

American roulette, tricks, tips and mobile gaming

The roulette is one of the most popular casino mobile games. However, before launching a game, you should know that there are different variants and families of Roulette mobile gaming.

Making a presentation on European roulette betting is very easy thanks to its popularit

There are many versions and variants of roulettes in the world, which has allowed this game to be one of the most popular in both traditional casinos and online ones; since they adapt to the tastes of each player.

American roulette is one of the best known and includes some features that we will not find in any other and that will even be your game if you are not familiar enough with them.

The American roulette bets are well known and there is almost no online casino does not offer them ; So, then, we will explain where this version came from, and how it has evolved over the years.

American Roulette History

If you have been reading all our articles on roulette, then you will know that the creator of the cylinder that has spread all over the planet was Blaise Pascal; and that his invention was very successful in France and the rest of Europe.

It was not until the end of the 18th century that European immigrants would take this fascinating game to the United States, specifically to New Orleans. However, and much to the surprise, he did not have much fame at first.

Despite this, casino owners realized the potential of this interesting and exciting new cylinder, so they decided to make a small change that would change the fate of the game in the United States.

The introduction of double zero

The introduction of double zero

This small change was the introduction of double zero. That’s right, apart from the 36 traditional numbers, the Americans added an extra box where the ball could fall in each round.

The objective of this was to give the parties greater emotion and of course a greater advantage to the house; which would have two zeros, instead of one, which would allow them to considerably increase their odds in each of the games, but also the prizes are higher, so it is easier to win more money in American roulette if you do not have the disgrace of falling into locker 00.

Since then, playing American roulette became a success in the country and in the rest of the world. In fact, some people continued to experiment and create some other very interesting versions.

There are records of a roulette that had only 28 numbers, in addition to zero, double zero and a square with an eagle symbol (very patriotic); which granted an even greater advantage to the casino or banking.

However, the version of American roulette still playing today is the one with double zero. And as we have already mentioned, you can find it in traditional casinos or in online or online version.

Perfect! Now that you know where this game mode came from, it’s time for you to know more about the differences present. The explanation below!

Discover the influence on the game that has had the American roulette version

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are many different types of roulette, because we need to explain that you have American roulette and how it differs from the rest

Characteristics of American roulette

The roulette called “American” is like the European, which has 36 squares. Or, the American variant consisting of 37, which means that it has one more square. In fact, you will find that the American roulette cylinder has two “zero” squares (one contains a “zero” and the other a “double zero”) while the European version of roulette only has a single, single box of this type.

In addition to the addition of this box, the numbers shown on the mat are distributed differently in their versions; so you will have to be careful where you place your chips depending on the variant you choose.

Who plays American roulette online must take into account this small change, as incredibly significant when making bets Remember that in a game of chance each percentage in your favor is worth gold!

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