The dealer and his skills

casino dealer

One of the most recognized people, for his work, inside a casino is the dealer. The person in charge of performing this position, is the figure with which more contact is had during the visit to a casino, manages the bets made by users, is responsible for shuffling cards and distributing the game, throwing the ball in roulette and He is the player representing the bank in games such as mobile blackjack.

The european dealer knows and enforces the rules of the game, knows the operation of the devices used in a game table, the dealer trains his mind to respond quickly to a winning pattern and calculate the winnings obtained by the winner. The dealer is trained in the usual casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, although they usually specialize in one of them.

In some countries, a dealer needs to have a special license to work. Due to your contact with large amounts of money and the responsibility you have to be impartial, fair and honest, you must present every certain time for a review of your history of public performance and investigate your financial history. One of the most controversial issues has always been whether or not the dealer should receive tips.

Work schedules 

casino games

They are divided into periods with frequent breaks, which are mandatory so that your mind is always alert, and they constantly rotate around the tables to avoid fatigue due to monotony.

The croupiers of a casino are distributed and in some cases they are dedicated to teach users the rules of the game, in other cases they supervise the work of other croupiers giving support, if necessary.

The functions that a dealer must fulfill are many, so they must gather some skills, necessary for their work to be fully and professionally fulfilled:

  • Having the ability to perform mathematical operations quickly and accurately, as they are responsible for receiving bets and paying prizes.
  • Be mentally agile to immediately detect winning patterns and announce them without wasting time.
  • His manual dexterity denotes professionalism and conveys confidence, also becomes part of the show.

Calm and serene nature to face situations and people who want to get out of control.

Charismatic and of good presence. They are “the visible face of the casino” and maintain direct contact with users, are carriers of good and bad news, clarify doubts and respond to user complaints, ensure good behavior, etc.

The handling of several languages ​​facilitates contact with foreign tourists, raising the category of their service and allowing them to grow in their professional life.

Patient and gentle to deal with the emotions and excitement of the players.


You must be a great observer. During the development of the mobile game, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details and to demonstrate before bad intentions, with discretion and opportune form.

The ability and skills of a dealer are acquired through constant training, they are people with a high degree of concentration and discipline that allows them to develop the activity with professionalism.

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