Discover the types of mobile roulette bet you can make to win

types of mobile roulette bet

The players that move in the land or online mobile casinos will have already heard more than likely of the interior and exterior bets in roulette , which we will find mostly in the European versions.

Enjoy the different types of mobile roulette gaming bets that can be made in a casino

Roulette is a game where the probability of winning can be very high in case you are able to place the correct bets; for which there are a lot of different strategies.

However, there are so many types of roulette bet that an ordinary player might not know how to see the difference. Luckily for you, in this article we will explain everything about the three available categories: internal, external and announced.

The probability of roulette bets

Before talking about the roulette bets that you can make in the different games available, we need to make some recommendations based on the odds of winning.

The first one is that, if you are looking for winnings with roulette, then the best thing you could do is to place your chips in the French version, since it offers a better probability to the player.

Why? Very simple, because the roulette wheel in its French version only has a zero, so the odds are a bit better compared to its American sister, which has two boxes with zeros.

Consider that each bet covers different amounts of boxes, but they all have one thing in common: the more winnings they offer, the less likely the ball will fall at the indicated place. Therefore, a little help will always be welcome.

The roulette betting strategies

The roulette betting strategies

Betting on numbers is more a science than an art, so it is not surprising that many mathematicians have studied the roulette cylinder to try to put certain concepts into practice.

This has resulted in the creation of different specific strategies for roulette. Some of them have been discussed for decades, and today they are still used by the best players.

Here we are talking about the Martingale, the Paroli, the creator of James Bond, the Labouchere and many others. And, even if you don’t believe it, they all have a point in common with the rest.

All are based on how to bet on roulette and not how to influence which box the ball will fall once it has been thrown by the dealer (or by the computer in its online version). Why? Because roulette is a game of chance in its entirety.

Therefore, these strategies will not tell you what the winning number will be, but they will explain how to effectively distribute the different chips you have, based on the odds of each roll.

If this concept interests you, then be sure to visit our strategies section; There you will get data, tips and concepts about the best known in the world of roulette betting .

Very good! Enough preamble, it’s time to talk about the types of roulette bets ; These can be divided into three clear categories (not to mention that you can always play completely randomly); which are:

  • Internal bets.
  • External bets.
  • Bets announced.

Let’s start, as they say, from the beginning; that is, with internal bets.

Learn what are internal roulette bets and what types you can do on the mat

The internal roulette bets are the ones that will give you the most winnings in case the ball falls in the box where you have placed your chip. Why? Because the chances of this happening are much lower.

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