French mobile roulette offers players higher odds

French mobile roulette

In the previous article on mobile roulette gaming we discovered together that the American had very specific characteristics. The same can be said of French roulette, also called European roulette. If you are a fan of this casino game, this article will certainly be very useful.

Since its invention, playing French roulette has been very well received by game lovers

Few games in the world have as much history behind them as roulette. Despite having over a hundred years entertaining people, today there are still many interested in trying their luck in front of the wheel. But how did this start?

French Roulette History

French roulette is the original mobile game conceived by the mathematician Blaise Pascal. Inventor of the first calculator, the “pascalina” and especially of the cylinder that was later used by the casinos, this ingenious Frenchman did not doubt that someday these inventions would allow the game circles to enrich themselves thanks to roulette.

Created in the 18th century, allowing people to play French roulette in the casinos of Monaco was an idea of ​​Prince Charles; who correctly deduced that its popularity would help the economy of the site, in addition to providing entertainment to the nobility.

When the game was banned again in France, French roulette moved to other countries in Europe, where it was quickly attracting a large number of players interested in the little advantage of the house.

The French roulette has a plate in the shape of a cylinder in which thirty-seven non-consecutive squares numbered from 0 to 36 are embedded. We will notice that, as in the case of the American, the French roulette squares are colored red and black

French roulette is also known for its special box with the number zero.

Popularity in the new millennium

Popularity in the new millennium

Today, with the increase in the number of online mobile casinos, many users are still sitting in front of a wheel, in this virtual case, to try their luck. In fact, it would be very strange to get a site without this title.

The advantage it offers to the player, which we will talk about a little later, has made it the way to play par excellence worldwide; although there are other very interesting versions.

Playing French roulette online is one of the best activities that anyone can do in a casino; The emotion it feels to see the wheel spin to determine if the chips placed on the mat will be transformed into earnings is unmatched.

In addition, today there are bonuses and promotions that you can exploit to take advantage from the first moment you get ready to win by playing.

But, let’s go back to the basics to better understand how this fun title works and, above all, how it differs from the other type of roulette in the world, the American one. Prepared?

This is the influence of zero in the French roulette game with respect to other versions

In the world of online casinos you will get different roulettes, you can even be part of games of the same type, but with small variations in the game. The catalog is so extensive that it could confuse more than one. Therefore, let’s first see what the French roulette game offers .

What does the French roulette game have

In this game you will get the same as in the rest of the mobile roulette gaming. That is, a mat where the bets are placed, the cylinder that is spun and the ball that is thrown there to determine the winning square.

However, the most striking feature of French roulette is that it has a single zero (which is colored green to stand out from the red and black of the rest of the numbers present on the mat and the cylinder).

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