Angry Birds turns 10: How it has evolved in these years

Angry Birds 10 year

Angry Birds is celebrating . The legendary Rovio game is now ten years old from the date the game was officially launched on the App Store. In this time it has grown at a great pace and is a game or name known to millions of users worldwide. This breakthrough has generated many headlines and has brought many changes to the game.

How has Angry Birds changed over the years? We tell you all about these ten years since Rovio’s game hit the market until today. One of the most relevant games of this past decade on all platforms.

The arrival of Angry Birds and its first successes

In December 2009 Angry Birds arrived at the Apple App Store , so that users with iPhone could download this game. The plot of the game caught the attention immediately: Having to throw birds with a catapult to take down structures in which there are some pigs. The objective is to destroy all the pigs on the screen. This proposal began to generate interest, an original plot combined with its simple playability

In October 2010 it was finally released for Android devices . In addition, a second installment of the saga arrived, this time with a theme based on the seasons of the year, called Sessions. In the same year the first stuffed animals and toys based on this game were launched, given the increasing popularity of it. The range of products based on this saga began to grow significantly this year.

2011 was another year of importance, which continued with the expansion of Angry Birds throughout the world. A special version of the game was released, coinciding with the release of the animated movie Rio to theaters. This version of the game had the city of Rio de Janeiro as a backdrop, as in the movie. This collaboration would be repeated later with editions of the game based on Star Wars, which arrived between 2012 and 2013.

Angry Birds 2 introduces clans for their birthday

Angry Birds 2

The success of the game on Android and iOS prompted the company to launch it on new versions or platforms. Angry Birds Friends was launched on Facebook in 2012, as a way to play socially, competing against your friends. In addition, a year later came the first series based on this saga of games. It was released on Toons TV and was an animated series that featured birds and game pigs.

Meanwhile, new versions of the game were arriving. One of his most important releases was Angry Birds Epic , where elements of an RPG were introduced into the game, giving it a somewhat different dynamic. Although there were many versions of the game, it was not until 2015 when a sequel to the original was released. This game had a great reception, since in just two weeks it exceeded 30 million downloads.

Angry Birds Evolution: the game of birds and pigs evolves

That this saga was one of the most popular in the market was confirmed when it was announced that in 2016 a movie based on it was coming. An animated film, co-production of Hollywood and that had the voices of well-known actors in all its versions (Santiago Segura, José Mota or Cristina Castaño put a double voice in Spanish). The release of a movie based on a game for phones was a milestone.

Although the reviews were not entirely positive, Angry Birds: The film was a success at the international box office (more than 350 million dollars raised). In addition to assuming the launch of new merchandising of the game, this time inspired by the film. Therefore, new products continued to arrive on the market, seven years after its launch. Rovio continued to exploit the hen of the golden eggs.

Such was his success that this 2019 came a sequel to the movie theaters, although in this case he did not have the same support from the public, since his collection remained at around 150 million dollars worldwide, a notable decrease compared to to that obtained by the first delivery. A figure that also reflects the wear that is in the saga, after many games and related products.

The decline in popularity

Although new games based on this saga continue to arrive, such as Angry Birds Blast or Isle of Pigs, the popularity of the saga has fallen dramatically. Their games do not get the same download figures of yesteryear or no longer generate the same interest as in the past. The criticisms towards Rovio do not stop either, because they continue looking for to exploit this saga, ten years after the original one.

Among all the games in the series, their downloads now exceed 4,500 million , as Rovio says on her website. You cannot deny the impact that Angry Birds has had on the market these years, since it is probably one of the most successful sagas that has been on Android and iOS, with a popularity that has also managed to reach other platforms and segments. Facts that few can boast.

Angry Birds Goal, the ultimate madness is to play football

On the other hand, the public is already showing less and less interest in their games, but who knows, they may leave us in the future with a groundbreaking game that brings new life to this saga. In any case, these ten years can be lived as a huge success for Angry Birds.

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