Devolver Digital’s Complete iOS Catalogue Is Discounted for a Limited Time – TouchArcade


Hot on the heels of the big Black Friday discounts, Devolver Digital have put their complete iOS catalogue on discount for a limited time. This includes loads of excellent games that were already much cheaper than on other platforms. Many of the games are available for only $0.99 right now as well. If you aren’t familiar with Devolver Digital for whatever reason, they’ve been publishing some superb games on all platforms and slowly bringing a lot of these to mobile. Devolver Digital also has six games on Apple Arcade. The lineup of games on discount includes the Reigns franchise, GRIS, Minit, and more. Watch the trailer for the gorgeous GRIS below:

The full list of Devolver Digital games on discount is below:

Minit, Reigns, and Reigns: Game of Thrones also include iMessage stickers. Hopefully we get more Devolver Digital games on iOS in the future. I’m still hoping Hotline Miami shows up just to see how people (including myself) will suffer with touch controls for that game. What is your favourite Devolver Digital release and were you waiting on a discount to pickup anything listed above?

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