High Score Flinger ‘Light the Sea’ Version 1.3 Update Adds Customization, a Challenge Mode, and More – TouchArcade


Light the Sea (Free) is an atmospheric high-score chaser that released back in July of this year, and it has received a couple of big updates since that time. The first one was the version 1.1 update in August and it brought with it new obstacles including a new bouncy mushroom that really changed up the flow of the game in a good way. That update also included a bunch of quality of life type stuff like a redesigned shop and plenty of new options. Then version 1.2 arrived in October and brought a brand new game mode called Gate Run that tasked you with traveling through as many gates as possible using just one move and competing against others on a daily leaderboard. Now developer Petr Pucek is back with version 1.3 and this is by far the biggest update to Light the Sea yet.

As you can see, one of the most significant new features is a major customization system that brings a bunch of new environmental colors and new trails for your little orb character. There’s also a new progressive Challenge system built in and even more new quality of life improvements and fixes. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve loved the look of Light the Sea ever since I first saw it back in July. It’s not necessarily groundbreaking or anything, but it’s an extremely well made high-score chaser built with mechanics that feel perfect on the touchscreen, and it’s all wrapped up in a super chill and atmospheric visual style. I just like it! Light the Sea is totally free to check out if you haven’t done so already.

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