Odyssey’ Soft-Launches Worldwide on iOS and Android – TouchArcade


Back in August of 2019 developer Virtual Realms announced an upcoming mobile MMORPG set in the Warhammer universe titled Warhammer: Odyssey, and while details were light at the time we knew that the game would take place in the Old World portion of the greater Warhammer universe, which is basically the more fantasy-like setting as compared to the more futuristic, sci-fi world of the Warhammer 40k universe. About a month later a teaser trailer was released showcasing some of the iconic Warhammer environments you’d be able to explore in Odyssey, and it would be more than a year later before we talked about the game again with its first full-blown fancy-schmancy trailer this past November. Here’s that trailer again, in case you missed it.

The following month in December regional beta testing for Warhammer: Odyssey took place, which leads us up to today where the game has now officially launched worldwide on both iOS and Android. This is technically a soft launch, however, so look at it more like the beta testing is continuing but on a worldwide scale now. That means you may very well run into some bugs or other issues during play, but just know the team at Virtual Realms is working around the clock to fix stuff and respond to player feedback. Today’s worldwide rollout also includes a new update that features two new worlds, an increase in the level cap, and more, and you can get all the details about that on the game’s website. In the meantime if you’re a fan of MMOs and/or the Warhammer universe, give Odyssey’s new worldwide soft launch a shot on either iOS or Android, and be sure to drop by the thread in our forums to leave your thoughts about it.

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