Sonic The Hedgehog Comes to ‘Minecraft’ in New DLC Pack – TouchArcade


Minecraft is home to all sorts of crazy crossovers, both in an official capacity and, given the incredible open nature of the game, an unofficial capacity as people recreate all sorts of famous things inside the game itself. I mean, would you even be surprised if you heard that someone had recreated Sonic The Hedgehog inside of Minecraft? Of course not. Well, someone’s gone and done it, and in this case it’s Sega themselves in a new official DLC pack that has released in Minecraft today as part of Sonic’s 30th anniversary celebration. It actually looks surprisingly awesome as you can see in the following trailer.

The new Sonic The Hedgehog DLC is available in the Minecraft Marketplace now for 1340 coins which is roughly $8 in non-funny-money. It features some of the iconic zones from Sonic The Hedgehog like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone, as well as 24 new skins. You’ll be able to race through these zones for a solo high score or against a friend competitively, and there’s a whole slew of new achievements to unlock too. Plus plenty more I’m sure! So if you’re a fan of the Blue Blur and Minecraft then head over to the Marketplace to check out the new DLC.

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